Our Story
The organisation’s roots trace their way back to 2017 when the 9th Strathmore University Student Council ushered in the flea markets as a means through which Strathmore studentpreneurs could be supported in their attempt to scale their businesses. The successful implementation of the flea markets led to the formalization of the group of entrepreneurs who took part in them which led to the inception of the Strathmore Entrepreneurs Business Society (S.E.B.S) in 2018. The Society thereafter experienced a short period of dormancy after which Ms. Daisy Gakere, who is the club’s former president, took up the mantle and began to usher in a new era for the organisation.
Our Story
This first of all began with the rebranding of the organisation which occurred through a name change from the Strathmore Entrepreneurs Business Society (S.E.B.S) to The Strathmore Business Club (SBC). The name change was also accompanied with a broadening of the scope of activities in which the club hitherto engaged. SBC was now not only involved in the curation of flea markets, but also in the organisation of plenary sessions on various industries and emergent themes within the Kenyan entrepreneurial space. Over and above this, the club also strived to provide networking platforms for Strathmore Entrepreneurs among other activities. The club has since then expanded the scope of its activities as well as the quality of its offering.

Flea Markets

The flea markets are platforms through which SBC members are enabled to sell and showcase their goods within the school environment and are among the club’s core activities. They are held ideally during the first and third Thursdays of the month.

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