About Network Mart

Network Mart is a platform through which various SBC members and partners familiarise their contemporaries with their businesses in an attempt to expand their reach and increase their revenues. The Network Mart platform enables members to largely increase their networks as they now not only have access to their immediate business circles but those of all the other Network Mart members as well. The Business Consortiums under Network Mart also go a long way in increasing the accessibility of various lucrative opportunities to members.

About Business Consortiums

The Business Consortiums are factions of ‘Network Mart’ through which SBC members as well as partners will meet frequently to discuss the various issues affecting their businesses as well as acquire advice from other members on various strategies they could potentially use to overcome their strife. They are also platforms through which members inform other members on various opportunities that may be available to them so as to uplift the businesses of their contemporaries. Over and above this, the immense networking opportunities and business referrals that one acquires as a result of joining the Business Consortiums under ‘Network Mart’ go a long way in facilitating the growth of our members’ businesses. Below are the various Consortiums under Network Mart:
  • Mara Consortium
  • Nairobi Consortium
  • Amboseli Consortium
  • Lamu Consortium
  • Samburu Consortium
Note: To be assigned a Business Consortium, you must first register for the network mart below:
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