StrathCube is the country’s first student-run incubation hub and will be focused on the incubation of businesses run by the Kenyan youth with a large potential for growth, scalability and positive societal impact. The Kenyan youth have shown time and time again their immense potential and their readiness to create significant impact within our nation and StrathCube hopes to bring forth the utility of that potential by providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to implement their revolutionary ideas. StrathCube will provide its members with the following business necessities that we believe will enable them to push their enterprises to great heights:
Business mentorship is largely a necessity for young entrepreneurs who’ve barely been exposed to the multitude of adversities and obscurities in the world of business. At StrathCube, we will have business mentors who are well versed with the entrepreneurial space who will be able to guide our members through the entrepreneurial process from the formulation of their ideas to their implementation.
Upon the conclusion of the Mentorship Program, we will then hold an idea pitching competition in which the various StrathCube members will go head to head in an attempt to prove their ideas worthy of receiving seed capital.
In the current business world, numerous items are essential to have a business aptly running. Among these are business registration, adequate branding, legal advice, adept hiring procedures as well as website development among others. It is therefore extremely necessary for one to have access to the above-mentioned resources in order to facilitate the smooth running of their business operations.

In addition to the seed capital that will be acquired by those who successfully emerge at the top of the idea competition, we will ensure that they have access to the best resources with reference to their various business needs. We will ensure that the resources that will be availed to them will be of a desirable calibre and fairly priced as well.
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